Update every two weeks, if I'm not busy with work. Rather than trying to conform a story-based comic to a daily schedule, I made the decision to draw and edit all the pages, then upload them all in one big group, every other Sunday if I don't miss anything. It's a little bit simpler for me, since I can do about one page a day at this rate, but it gives you fine folks the benefit of not getting stuck on cliffhangers or in th emiddle of fight scenes unless I want you to, for dramatic effect.

It is a long wait between updates, though, so I hope you'll bear with me for it.



I choose to use Japanese sound effects over English ones for three reasons. The first is that I feel like, with Japanese not being the primary language of most of my readership, the sound effects will blend into the scenery a little better; it gives you the effect of a visual marker to let you know there's something going on, but without being distracting. This leads me to the second reason: it's so damned hard to find an English sound effect that doesn't seem jarring. Writing KAPOW in big letters across a fight scene brings to mind the old Adam West Batman in an unpleasantly cheesy way, and trying to come up with new sounds on the spot leads to stuff like "GASHUNK", "KRR-RR-RR-RR", that kind of thing, which really takes you out of the moment. Having what is essentially an unreadable symbol like "ドドーン" in giant letters across the page gives a sort of emotional impact, but doesn't throw you off (too much, I hope).

The third reason is that the Japanese have sound effects for things that don't even make sounds, and that gives me a lot of flexibility. Maybe it's just me, and you're free to your opinions on it, but I like being able to write "シーン" to signify silence instead of just having the panel taken up by a lot of emptiness. Naturally, I try to play it by ear, but if I feel like a scene is missing something, don't be surprised if I try and jazz it up with some sound effects.



On the internet, I go by Blackmoon; in real life, by Damian. I like video games, I listen to music all the time, and I freelance as a French-English translator every now and then for some side money. When I'm not doing that or my day job, I draw stuff. \o/